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June 19, 1951 H. w. SEIGER DOUBLE SPRING BOTTLE HOLDER Filed April 5,. 1945 Patented June 19, 1951 OFFICE DOUBLE SPRING BOTTLE HOLDER Harry Wright Seiger, Santa Monica, Calif. Application April 5, 1946, Serial No. 659,819 2 Claims. This invention is a device for safely holding nursing bottles and is an improvement in the type of holder shown in application filed Nov. 19, 1945, Ser. No. 629,548 new Patent No. 2,499,930. It is an object of the instant invention to provide a bottle clamping ring and a spring device for suspending the ring and. at the same time forming a desired rein or controlling bridle to prevent an undesirable, too free swing of the suspended bottle. Also an object of the invention is to provide a stiff-joint or pivot swivel arm by which the suspending ring of the holder can be adjusted to hold the ring with its plane at any angle most desired to properly present the bottle to the mouth of an infant reclining subjacent to the suspending ring of the holder. Another object of the invention is to provide a resilient and split clamp ring in which are formed considerably overlapped, bottom arcuate segments affording double seat capacity around the bottom side of a bottle clamped axially in and through the ring. The invention resides in certain features of advance in this art as set forth in the ensuing disclosure, and having, with the above, additional objects and advantages as hereinafter developed, and whose constructions, combinations and details of means, and the manner of operation will be made manifest in the following description of the herewith illustrative embodiments, of modified forms; it being understood that variations and adaptations may be resorted to within the scope, spirit, and principles of the invention as it is claimed more directly in conclusion hereof. Figure 1 is a perspective of a swivel arm form of the holder. Figure 2 is an elevation of a clamp ring having a double spring couple hitched directly to the crane arm head. Figure 3 is an elevation of a ring having a top rein bar. A stabilizing, fiat, weighty plate 2 has at one end a rigidly attached upright tube 3 in which is vertically adjustable a complementary crane post 4 having a rigid, horizontal head arm 5 whose outer end is disposed about over and well above the central portion of the base plate, according to the vertical adjustment of the post; the latter being lockable at the desired height by a set screw 6 in the tube. The head arm 5 is shown in Fig. 1 as having a vertical pivot l on Which is turnably mounted, just under the head arm, a horizontal swivel arm 5a so tightly clinched by the riveting pivot l as to firmly remain at any angle of swivel on the pivot, and yet is adjustable at will of an attendant, having charge of a baby whose head may be resting on a pillow placed on the plate 2 for feeding from a bottle. Means are provided to firmly grip or contractively clamp onto the given nursing bottle and in Fig. 1 is shown a stiflly resilient rubber or otherwise coated ring l0 having at its top a vertical-plane eye II from which upwardly extends a pair of divergent suspending springs 8-8 attaching to the outer ends of the swivel arm 5a by which the plane of the ring l0 can be adjusted to any desired position in a circle about the axis of the pivot 1. Baby bottles vary both in diameter and in cross-sectional form and the ring I0 is split at its bottom side and has oppositely directed, circle continuing segments |2I3 which are relatively free and of a length to considerably overlap as seen in Fig. 1. The normally contracted clamping segments are provided at their far ends with respective finger rests M which are adapted to be pinched toward each other to force open the ring I!) to the extent needed to receive one or another of bottles of a size to reasonably slip endwise into the opened ring. The double seat formed by the parallel segments |2-l3 of the ring serves to prevent tilting of the gripped bottle in the ring [0. The modified clamp ring I0 of Fig. 2 is provided with a pair of spaced eyes ll"-l l coplanar with the ring 10 and from these eyes the pair of springs 88 diverge and are hitched to space holes 5b made directly in the outer end of the head arm 5. I The modification shown in Fig. 3 embodies a tangential bar l5 rigidly affixed to the ring I 0 which in this form has no integral, twisted-form eyes for the springs 88, which are, instead, hooked onto the outer ends of the bar l5. It will be seen that in these several forms of the connection of the ring I!) (Hi) to the main head arm 5, the divergent springs 8-8 constantly act as positioning reins for the ring to resist excessive rotation of the bottle and its clamp H) as to the crane arm 5; the swivel arm 5a, when used, providing for full circle adjustment of the ring as to the pivot 1. What is claimed is: 1. A nursing bottle holder having a crane arm, a pair of divergent suspension springs, and a split, wire, bottle clamping ring having contractive, resilient side limbs including free ends which overlap side to side, and said ring having a pair of coplanar eyes diametrically opposite said lapped ends and in which the convergent ends of said springs are respectively attached and operate to maintain the ring in a given plane as to the said am; the divergent ends of said springs being attached to the said arm. 2. The holder of claim 1; the eyes being coiled 15 integral with the ring. HARRY WRIGHT SEIGER. REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent: UNITED STATES PATENTS



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