Gas by-pass for storage tank gauging pipes



April 3, 1951 w. c. SANDERS 2,547,344 GAS BY-PASS FOR STORAGE TANK GAUGING PIPES Filed Oct. '29, 1945 2 sheets-sheet 1 7K. 0'. Jand'ens IN V EN TOR. $5 HTTOR/VEVS. April 3, 1951 w. c. SANDERS 2,547,344 GAS BY-PASS FOR STORAGE TANK GAUGING PIPES Filed Oct. 29, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 t: z ij :125: r" 1 I E l l M; 4 8 A -I( H 4 :ifii /4 I i 0 L 7/? 6. ,Sarzdeiw IN V EN TOR. Patented Apr. 3, 1951 UNiTE STATS, ?.TE'N FFiCEf GAS BY-PASS FOR STORAGE TANK QAUGING PIPES Wilburn C. sandei s 'ae rrandview, Tex. Application October 29, 1945, Serial No. 525,236 1 Claim. 1 This invention relates to crude oil storage tanks, the object of the invention being to provide means whereby the gas fumes which are liberated from the tank, upon moving the usual gauge opening cover to its open position, will be liberated at a point above the gaugers head, thereby protecting the gauger against the ill effects caused by breathing the gas fumes during the gauging operation. With the foregoing and other objects in View which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists of certain novel details of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter more fully described and pointed out in the claim, it being understood that changes may be made in the construction and arrangement of parts without departing from the spirit of the invention as claimed. Referring to the drawing Figure 1 is an elevational view of a gas by-pass pipe, constructed in accordance with the invention. Figure 2 is a front elevational view of the device. Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3-3 of Figure 2. Figure 4 is a plan view of the device. Referring to the drawing in detail, the reference character 5 designates a crude oil storage tank of the usual and well known construction, the tank being provided with the usual gauge pipe 6, through which the gauge line and bob, are dropped into the tank for gauging purposes. The gauge pipe supports the gate valve 1, through which the gas fumes pass, when the gate valve is, moved to its open position so that the gauge line and bob may be dropped thereinto. The gas fume by-pass pipe, forming the essence of the invention, is indicated by the reference character 8 and as shown, is provided with an offset internally threaded end 9 adapted to be threaded on the upper end of the pipe section H) which is screwed into the upper end ofthe valve housing for the valve 1. Due to the angular offset end 9, the main portion of the by-pass pipe 8 is disposed at an oblique angle with, respect to the pipe section iii, the upper end of the pipe 8 being disposed vertically where it is internally threaded to receive the pipe section H which is of a length to exhaust gas fumes at a point above the head of the gauger who stands on the tank 5, during the gauging operation. Formed in the upper surface of the pipe 8, is a gauge opening :2 which is so arranged that it is directly over the upper end of the pipe section 68, to permit the gauge line and bob, indicated by the reference character !3, to be dropped vertioally into the tank 5. The gauge opening i2 is partially closed by means of the spring-pressed valve i3 which is mounted on theouter surface of the pipe 8, the valve I3 being formed with finger pieces [4, projecting from, its sides, by means of which the valve It may be swung upwardly, against the action of the coiled spring l5 which acts to normally close the valve I 3. As shown, the valve is of a length, so that when it is in its closed position, a slight opening is provided between the free end of the valve [3 and one edge of the opening l2, the space being sufficient to permit the passage of the gauge line !3 therethrough, The gauge line is of the usual and well known construction, and is Wound on a reel mounted within the reel housing 56, the reel being controlled by means of the handle I'I, so that the gauge line may be paid out or wound on the reel, at the will of the gauger, gauging the contents of the tank 5. From the foregoing it will be seen that due to the construction shown and described, I have provided means which when attached to the usual gauge pipe of a crude oil storage tank, will direct the gas fumes upwardly, liberating them at a point above the head of the gauger, gauging the oil. Since the valve i3 will close the major portion of the gauge opening E2, the gas fumes passing through this small opening will be such that they will not be objectionable to the gauger. It will of course be understood that during the gauging operation, the gauge line and bob are dropped into the pipe, and the gate valve 1 is operated to release the bob and line so that it will pass into the tank. In view of the foregoing disclosure, it is believed that further description as to the utility and operation of the device is unnecessary. What is claimed is: A gas fume by-pass pipe attachment for gauge pipes of oil tanks, comprising a main pipe section having offset ends, one of the offset ends being secured to the open end of the gauge pipe of an oil storage tank, the pipe attachment being disposed at an oblique angle with respect to the vertical with its discharge end extended upwardly an appreciable distance above the discharge end of the gauge pipe on which the attachment is positioned, said attachment pipe having a gauge opening in the wall thereof in direct alignment with the gauge pipe, through which a gauge line is dropped, a hinged closure mounted on the attachment partially closing the opening around'a gauge line dropped therein, and 3 4 a pipe extending into the free end of the attach- UNITED STATES PATENTS ment through which gas fumes are discharged Number Name Date an appreciable distance above the end of the 794,678 Martin July 11, 1905 gauge P 1,101,283 Howd June 23, 1914 5 1,192,134 Stevens July 25, 1916 WILBURN SANDERS- 1,456,334 Parrott May 22, 1923 1,604,374 Bertschinger Oct. 26, 1926 2,069,930 Talbot Feb. 9, 1937 REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the 10 FOREIGN PATENTS file of this patent: Number Country Date 88,073 Germany Date unknown



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