본 발명은 동글에 관한 것으로, 보다 구체적으로, 노트북 등의 단말기와 접속 시, 상기 단말기로부터 유입되는 노이즈를 저감 및 차단할 수 있는 동글에 관한 것이다.
PURPOSE: A dongle is provided to improve antenna performance by blocking noise which is caused by a case. CONSTITUTION: A main body unit includes an antenna and a substrate(112). The substrate is electrically connected with the antenna. A terminal(130) is electrically connected with the substrate. A socket is prepared for electrically connecting the terminal with the substrate. One or more inductors(140, 150) reduce noise introduced to the substrate through the socket from the terminal. The inductors are installed on the substrate.




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