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US-3614400-A: Maximum length pulse sequence generators patent, US-3624458-A: Capacitor having a glass-to-metal seal and an elastomeric seal patent, US-3633013-A: Velocity control of a numerical control system patent, US-3635747-A: Donor-receptor copy paper patent, US-3638767-A: Mechanical delay device patent, US-3641861-A: Tone-balancing element patent, US-3659355-A: Wall mounted combination chalkboard, projector screen and information display apparatus patent, US-3663215-A: Wear-resistant stainless steel patent, US-3664285-A: Knockdown pontoons for portable boats and the combination thereof patent, US-3665458-A: Capacitor ladder network patent, US-3678285-A: Load anticipation control for a free turbine type of power plant patent, US-3686488-A: Means and method for controlling a solvent refining unit for maximum yield patent, US-3700141-A: Glue dispenser for cigarette making machine patent, US-3726237-A: Work table for open-arm sewing machine patent, US-3749446-A: Trenching machine patent, US-3750997-A: Locking ring for corners of plywood form panels patent, US-3753556-A: Door jamb jig patent, US-3768765-A: Thermally isolating structural support system and cryogenic assembly embodying the same patent, US-3778160-A: Electronic distance measuring device and method patent, US-3783753-A: Apparatus for feeding flattened, tubular container blanks patent, US-3789634-A: Security steer-gear cyclelock patent, US-3791619-A: Valve construction patent, US-3795446-A: Lithography patent, US-3807125-A: Apparatus and method for producing seeding containers patent, US-3823965-A: Pipe joint patent, US-2421077-A: Projector apparatus patent, US-2441684-A: Rotary card index patent, US-2459374-A: Core clamping means patent, US-2463608-A: Process for purifying acrylic esters patent, US-2472716-A: Spanner wrench with workretaining loop patent, US-2479076-A: Pusher patent, US-2484188-A: Electrical signaling system patent, US-2492895-A: Concrete mixer patent, US-2493100-A: Fishing plug retriever patent, US-2504208-A: Process of producing porous materials patent, US-2504297-A: Plug valve patent, US-2508759-A: Clothesline fastener and tightener patent, US-2515596-A: Electric switch patent, US-2516796-A: Automatic pilot patent, US-2516961-A: Gutter drain patent, US-2525372-A: Gulley emptying apparatus incorporating a vacuum chamber patent, US-2531909-A: Pipe boring machine patent, US-2547344-A: Gas by-pass for storage tank gauging pipes patent, US-2548874-A: Retaining device patent, US-2550299-A: Die cutter patent, US-2550413-A: Alkylation process patent, US-2557570-A: Double spring bottle holder patent, US-2559491-A: Nonvibrating hub for wheels patent, US-2563246-A: Slider for slide fasteners patent, US-2563431-A: Method of improving the resistance patent, US-2575266-A: Screen window structure patent, US-2588907-A: Method of installing tubular rivets patent, US-2592626-A: Portable pier patent, US-2594545-A: Nursing bottleholder patent, US-2597765-A: Fork truck patent, US-2598595-A: Mixing method and package patent, US-2599321-A: End cap for glove holding devices patent, US-2602296-A: Rotary hydraulic coupling patent, US-2607879-A: Liquid container patent, US-2622296-A: Slider for slide fasteners patent, US-2630346-A: Combined dissolver and sprinkler control device patent, US-2639713-A: Filler block for loose-leaf binders patent, US-2641273-A: Changeover valve patent, US-2641866-A: Gravity-actuated movable doll patent, US-2645985-A: Open floor grating patent, US-2647676-A: Ladder patent, US-2655189-A: Production of fibrous elements from woody material patent, US-2658590-A: Expanding earth anchor patent, US-2663959-A: Sign device patent, US-2670082-A: Alcohol injection system for deicing aircraft fuel filters and strainers patent, US-2670662-A: Stereotype plate finishing machine patent, US-2671759-A: Rust preventive grease containing a polyvalent metal sulfonate and a wax oxidation product patent, US-2681118-A: Flexible suspension of gear cases and wheel drive axles extending therefrom patent, US-2681582-A: Stud driving and removing wrench patent, US-2683022-A: Stairway banister patent, US-2687719-A: Expanding dilator patent, US-2692812-A: Utility art cabinet patent, US-2695750-A: Method and apparatus for analyzing flow networks patent, US-2705140-A: Vehicle leaf spring suspension patent, US-2705883-A: Door lock patent, US-2708046-A: Industrial lift-truck patent, US-2712100-A: Duplex switchboard patent, US-2723152-A: Fishing gaffs patent, US-2732854-A: george patent, US-2747869-A: Sheet handling apparatus patent, US-2755055-A: Bracket for auto car tray patent, US-2755947-A: Hay stacking device and unloader patent, US-2773334-A: Sickle holder and sharpener patent, US-2783846-A: Extinguishing apparatus patent, US-2789291-A: Combination sofa and bed patent, US-2798718-A: Canister spring patent, US-2799509-A: Retractable center disc for phonograph turntable patent, US-2809729-A: Fastening means patent, US-2811374-A: Tractor-trailer king-pin lock safety means patent, US-2838861-A: Activated display sign patent, US-2857754-A: Tiled wall with fixture secured thereto by fastener patent, US-2890386-A: Automatic headlamp control system patent, US-2891688-A: Panel unloading machines patent, US-2933030-A: Photographic printing apparatus patent, US-2935432-A: Metal treatment patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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